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Spring Park had problems with soggy lawns and wet sidewalks. It's stream had been piped underground directly to Sligo Creek years ago and was "leaking". NRD, working with the City of Takoma Park, decided to "daylight" the stream and re-introduce a creek to the park and its visitors.
Previously a grass swale designed to convey stormwater to the Potomac River with all the pollutants from the road and fertilizers from the lawns. NRD introduces native plants found in a wet meadow and riverjacks to slow down the water and allow it to infiltrate. A roadside gravel area doubles as a parking space and helps to filter water from the road before entering the vegetated swale.
Rain gardens are an important small-scale tool to deal with non-point source pollution. Bioengineered soils and plants retain rain water allowing it to infiltrate by capturing the pollutants. NRD designs rain gardens for schools, environmental organizations, residences, and municipal parks.

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Natural environources Design, Inc.,
Conservation and Ecological landscape design for homes, commercial, environorts, schools, and public space in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.
Designs with native plants and appropriate storm water management to create wildlife habitats.
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